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How much does this cost?

Right now it costs you $0! It's 100% free. But that won't always be the situation. Eventually we envision a modest monthly subscription model per state server.  

What jurisdictions are available?

Florida (state & federal).

*We are always working to roll out other states. Stay tuned for updates or submit your application with your desired state to let us know your interest!

Can I cancel anytime?

We are confident you'd never want to, but you are able to stop your subscription at anytime.

How private is the server?

Our server is closed to the general public. In that way, the server is at least (if not more) private than some organizations' email listservs you may be accustomed to. 


We screen applicants carefully and verify their submissions. This ensures that genuine plaintiff personal injury and wrongful death attorneys join our servers.


For purposes of internal transparency and accountability amongst members, we require members to use their real names once engaging within a server. 


Our Terms of Service expressly prohibit the dissemination of any materials, content, or member identifications to anyone outside of the server.

Still Have Questions?

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Success!Our membership team will review your applicationand get back to you via email.

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